Meet the Project Volunteers

The volunteer Director for the Colorado Airport History Preservation Project, Dr. Penny Hamilton has researched and published in numerous professional journals and various industry publications.

Colorado Airport History Preservation Project Volunteers are researching the history of their airports. They are sharing important photographs, news and magazine articles on Colorado airports. They are identifying community leaders, who need to be contacted soon to share this important Colorado airport history.

Several volunteers are even writing the history of their airport to share this important Colorado aviation heritage with others and their community. Won’t you join our corps of volunteers today?  Working together we can save this important Colorado airport history. We look forward to working with you.

Current project volunteers are: Babette Andre, Walt Barbo, Marilyn Chang, Sarah Jane Dolliver, Bill Hamilton, Nancy Stuart, Mike McRhodes, Steve Batty, Emily Howell Warner, Rob Duncan, Dean Stull, Nora Stull, Bob Briggs,
Gordon Autry, Scott Munn, Dan Eveatt, Terry Van Sant, Tim Head, Randy Hayes, Bill McKown, Carl Hasselbrink, Tim Barth, Richard Nuttall, Mel Baker, George Michael  ..

The volunteer Director for the Colorado Airport History Preservation Project is Dr. Penny Hamilton.  An award-winning aviation educator and writer, she is a 20+ year general aviation private pilot with earned academic degrees from the University of Nebraska, Columbia College and Temple University.  Her 20+ years of “Penny, The Pilot” volunteer aviation education program for children were recently recognized with the ABC-Denver TV Channel 7 Everyday Hero award. See the video at    

Penny is the co-holder of a General Aviation World and National Aviation Speed Record

Penny is a member of many aviation groups in alphabetical order:   

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer) 
Colorado 99s

Aviation Historical Society
Pilots Association
Friends of Granby Airport, Inc. (Founding board member and 20+ year volunteer)
Women in Aviation, International

Under a 2009-2010 grant from the Wolf Aviation Fund, Dr. Penny volunteered to conduct extensive research and interviews with female aviation students, pilots and flight instructors to identify strategies to increase the number of female general aviation pilots. (See )   

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